Our Freshingredients

Antipasto Salad

Our Antipasto Salad is like no other salad you’ve ever had! we combine fresh lettuce and salami with other tasteful ingredients like artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and olives. Antipasto literally means "before the meal" in Italian, but this salad can be a meal in itself, too.

Greek Salad

Our Greek Salad it’s amazing, made with the freshest and colorful ingredients, our salad has the taste of Greece in it. You will feel that once and for all, you have tried a Greek salad with all the right ingredients.

Shrimp In Garlic Sauce

Our Italian style Gourmet Shrimp in garlic sauce has all the right tastes and textures. Made with top quality shrimp and blended with right toasted hand shopped garlic and cooked over soft and delicious butter. Our Shrimp in Garlic sauce it’s the best you will ever try. Here in Slice of New York in Poinciana we have only the best for you.

NY Style Pizza

Our NY Style Pizza was the result of years of experience working with Italian restaurants in New York, Our pizza often called Neapolitan-American, shares much in common with the original Neapolitan type: a thin crust, a judicious covering of tomato sauce, and a smattering of fresh mozzarella cheese once you try our pizza will see why people call Slice of New York the best pizza in Poinciana and the best pizza in Kissimmee.

The MenuOf Wonders

Our Menu has been prepared to the highest standarts of Italian and Latin Cuisine. We have place all of our knowledge in the industry to bring you the best.

Since 2003 Slice of New York Italian and Latin food has made every menu item fresh to order with daily dough making, cheese grating, vegetable cutting and sauce blending.   “It’s all about making customers happy,” that is what Mr. Hernandez. Owner of our restaurant it’s always saying.  “In fact, we recently started sending special offers via email to our most loyal customers as a way to say thank you.”
Breakfast is the most recent addition to the menu. Our menu its full of flavors and textures to delight your mouth. With pasta, hot subs, salads and mozzarella bread as wonderful complements. Specialty pizzas include BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, and all of the flavor of Latin food.

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Sliceof NewYorkMenu


Here in Slice Of New York Italian & Latin Food

The reputation we have achieved and mystical nature of our pizza and food history comes from our customers knowing and supporting Slice of New York. They know the best pizza and Latin Food in Poinciana is here, we have it. We have fresh ingredients, all our food its prepare daily, we don’t reheat our food. We do this for our costumer and they are thankful that we have never changed our pizza and food recipes or that we have not change the quality of our ingredients.


Slice of New York Italian and Latin food is also known for fast deliveries seven days a week. Our customers also enjoy first rate catering services. Open for lunch and dinner. We also cater large and small parties and events. We love to help groups of all sizes. We can deliver exceptional food and value for office parties, family reunions and every other group event you can think of. “We can even serve all your church congregation one Sunday.” 



Store HoursCome Visit Us

You can Enjoy our entire menu in the following hours:

Monday – Thursday: 07:00 am - 09:00 pm

Friday and Saturday: 08:00 am - 11:00 pm

Sunday: 09:00 am - 09:00 pm