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“Your Event Catering is in Good Hands when Slice of New York is taking care of it, and we make it From Scratch”

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Slice of New York will provide you with professional event catering, food service and complete venue preparations so you can have peace of mind and focus on other priorities that demand your attention.

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Taking the weight off your shoulders

We Cater

You can trust Slice Of New York to take care of your event catering so you can devote your time and attention on other priorities you need to do. Slice Of New York understands what you require and will take the event catering weight off your shoulders – no more stress and mad dashes to meet suppliers! When you’re working with us, you are talking to the best catering restaurant in Kissimmee and the best and catering restaurant in Poinciana. You can expect a special and memorable event experience when you call Slice Of New York for your catering needs.


We Cater

Tell us what you need and Slice Of New York will create an original and innovative event catering plan to fit your budget and answer your event needs and requirements.

This success comes from giving clients like you exactly what you want:
An original and innovative catering plans to cater to your unique requests and specifications.
An event catering service that fits your budget and meets your taste and expectations.
The right venue to provide a tasteful backdrop for your event activities.
Complete entertainment equipment rental to provide an enjoyable experience.

Achieving the success and peace of mind you’re looking for
Whether it’s a corporate luncheon, a company picnic, or a social fundraiser, you can expect great food and ambiance from Slice Of New York Italian & Latin Food. With over 20 years of experience, Slice Of New York is uniquely qualified to successfully run your event catering and give your guests a satisfying and memorable experience. You just won’t get the same peace of mind and level of success elsewhere!
Call us today and let our event catering consultants show you how Slice Of New York Italian and Latin Food will make your event a successful production!